Whenever we mention

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Whenever we mention

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Whenever we mention what I want to do, I think this should be what we want to do, the life we ??want to experience, but often it is counterproductive Cigarettes For Sale, but we are bound, and may not really do these things, perhaps most People think that there are two points that affect our thoughts. One is money. This is not a family born in the second generation. How can there be so much leisure to do what you want to do? The second is age. As the network becomes more and more advanced, the speed of information transmission is getting faster and faster. At this age of struggle, can you choose to do other things? These two points are confused by all young people, of course. Also including me, it seems that our life in this world is for money, just to go to the life you want when you are young! But life is so unsatisfactory, because it��s more exciting because it��s not going to pass. Of course, if you have money, can you really live the life you want? People are a kind of animal with desire, and It is an animal with strong desires. We can't do the sages like Confucius. We can't be as clean and honest as Bao Zheng Newport Cigarettes, and we can't do a series of things we want to do. This is life, and these lives are not solved by money. Most people are beautiful and friendly, even if some people are very annoying, believe, everyone has another side, the side of truth, goodness and beauty, if someone asks you, what kind of life you think about, no How many people will tell the truth Marlboro Lights, that is to say, what kind of life you want to live has two meanings, one is ideal, and the other is real life. Everyone thinks about the life of lazy, unfettered and endless money. But not everyone dares to say it. Most people will say that I want to be a scholar, become a teacher, become an intellectual, become a poet, become a painter, become a writer, etc. This series of beautiful and noble professions Why do not we do it? The root cause is that there are so many poets in this era, there are not so many idealists, life is reality, not ideal. Now someone asks you, what is your most important thing at the moment? I think you will still answer: earn money, see no, this is the gap between ideal and reality. Everyone thinks about a noble career, but everyone is doing something to make money. This is the difference. Life and life have always been two parallel lines. When we were young, we were bound by our parents. When we grew up, we were bound by life. We were bound by children and we were bound by ourselves. You have no time and ability to do other things. We have been constrained by all kinds of people and things throughout our lives, not only with money and youth, but also with family and career Wholesale Cigarettes. It also has family and love friendship. There are many Parliament Cigarettes, many of them who have never lived on themselves. The ideal life, just because everyone around us is too busy, too much to pursue real life, but who can blame? The only thing we can do is to have the greatest dream at the youngest time, and Persevere, because only when you like to do it, you will really understand that the real life that you have now may be the life you want!
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