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Garlic Paste

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Garlic, the raw material of roasted garlic spread, has many nutrients beneficial to the human body, as follows:
Carbohydrates participate in cell composition and activities to strengthen intestinal function; Protein promotes the metabolism of body cells and upgrades the immune system. Dietary fiber cleans the digestive wall, promotes digestion, facilitates the excretion of carcinogens and toxic substances outside the body, improves constipation symptoms, and prevents colon cancer.
Roasted garlic spread consists of potassium which can protect the nervous system, maintain heart rhythm balance, and promote normal muscle contraction. Phosphorus promotes calcification of bones and teeth, prevents rickets and rickets in children, and can also maintain acid-base balance regulation and energy metabolism in the human body.
Roasted garlic spread is rich in calcium for preventing diseases caused by calcium deficiency, enhancing immunity, preventing calcium deficiency in the fetus and promoting the normal bone development of the fetus. Magnesium strengthens bones and teeth and promotes normal brain development. pregnant women with high blood pressure can relax muscles by taking magnesium, thus avoiding premature delivery.
Roasted garlic spread also contains Vitamin which improves immunity and prevents chronic diseases and cancer; Iron can prevent iron deficiency anemia, has the effect of invigorating qi and enriching the blood, can also promote blood circulation and enhance oxygen transport function.Garlic Paste

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