HYT 151-DG-44-GF-AB SKULL 51 MM Replica watch

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HYT 151-DG-44-GF-AB SKULL 51 MM Replica watch

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Dracula is the world's most famous vampire originating from Transylvania in the 18th century with passion to drink deep red blood,hyt watch , as Dracula has emerged from many famous film adaptations of Christopher Ligula. And the vampire Tom Cruise recently twilight city after all, the smell and taste of deep red blood.

HYT has copied the crimson and recreated it as a new H1 model with a truly amazing effect. HYT is quickly gaining a reputation for liquid debris, the fast model is getting the nickname from the watch press, and all white versions of the blue liquid are It is called straight away from the iceberg.

Now, HYT has developed a deep red version and is immediately nicknamed Dracula by watch brothers.

Contrary to what you might think, this is not just about changing the color of the dye in the liquid, but you have to change every detail of it because the dyes of each color have different molecular structures, so the colored transparent liquid does not look like vinegar. Mix the same without shaking unless the oil shakes.

Each color must be developed separately and may take several months of development to get the right balance for use in the time slice.replica watches for sale

I believe that some of you will know from my Twitter page and my comments that HYT is one of my favorite brands because of his forward-thinking and inconsistent attitude, and this work is no exception.

The titanium DLC coated case is processed into satin Finnish, adding a dark and mysterious feel until it hits the sun, then it really starts itself, the red liquid really pops up on the basis of the DLC, allowing your eyes to draw immediately it. In addition to the red liquid, there is red red on the dial, the red center points to the second hand, and the red power reserve all adds Dracula's crimson blood theme.

HYT has considered what strap to marry Dracula, and the boys are right, the strap is black crocodile skin, the crocodile pattern is filled with red, giving the appearance of the bleeding veins, and the buckle is a folded titanium DLC.

I might be biased but the perfect combination of this new version of HYT with Crimson and DLC Black is amazing, devon watches,and any red on the dial will destroy the asceticism of this piece.

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