How to Unlock the NBA 2K20 Token Market

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How to Unlock the NBA 2K20 Token Market

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The global NBA 2K20 release date is September 6th. This is the release date for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Nintendo Switch and it's the date for all three versions of the game. The NBA 2K20 MT Coins can take the NBA journey of the gaming addicts to a different level for NBA 2K20.U4GM is the best place for you to buy NBA 2K20 MT, full stock, 24/7 Live Chat support. But what I want to share with you today is what to do after acquiring NBA 2K20 tokens.

One of the other things you’ll want to do is unlock the NBA 2K20 Token Market. This also is going to take a lot of effort, because it involves spending up Tokens. Not just a few, but a lot of Tokens. Still, as you accumulate them through the challenges, collections, or locker codes, you’ll be able to do this.

On MyTeam “Home” area, select the “Rewards” option. Here is where you’ll redeem your Tokens for player cards. Each level of gem corresponds with a different value level of cards. It begins with Emerald Rewards and goes all the way up to Pink Diamond and then Galaxy Opal.

Emerald Rewards (get 30)
Sapphire Rewards (get 10)
Ruby Rewards (get 10)
Amethyst Rewards (get 10)
Diamond Rewards (get 10)
Pink Diamond Rewards (get 10)
Galaxy Opal Rewards (get 5)
Tokens Market unlocks after all of the above

You’ll need to purchase player cards on each of these Rewards levels as described on the screen. Emerald Rewards are three tokens per player card. Sapphire Rewards are six Tokens per player card, and so on. It goes up to Galaxy Opal which are 750 Tokens each.

These include some great legends’ cards such as Galaxy Opal Allen Iverson, Elgin Baylor, and Wilt Chamberlain. Once you have completed each of the Rewards levels, you’ll unlock the Token Market.

It can take some grinding away, but if you keep at those challenges or collections goals, you’ll be able to rack up the Tokens. Spend them wisely to upgrade your MyTeam, and you’ll soon be balling with the best of them in this mode!

Do you understand how to start the NBA 2K20 coin market after acquiring the NBA 2K20 coin? Of course, if you need to get to the NBA 2K20 MT, coming to u4gm is the right choice for you.

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